OTL ORION Ducati 1

What happens when gelato meets motorcycles? If you’re in Italy, it means an amazing marriage of style and design between two distinct brands. ORION and Italian motorcycle designer, Ducati, have recently joined forces and were united by a common passion: gelato display cases with high aesthetic value and performance.

Ducati represents the essence of two-wheeled thrills, not just in Italy, but also throughout Europe. Just ask brand loyalists and enthusiasts, who are called “Ducatists.” ORION represents much of the same – a distinct dedication to foodservice presentation and displays that foodservice operators rely on to create cult followings of their own.

Designed by Andrea Stramigioli, this world champion collaboration resulted in motors that were both quieter and more powerful. And for the look and feel? The display cases have a sporty personality that depicts the finish and design of some of Ducati’s most famous characteristics.

But don’t take our word for it. Download the United in Passion brochure, and check out these amazing designs for yourself. Are motorcycles and gelato really an odd combination? Not after seeing this.

See the Collaboration:

OTL ORION DUCATI Refrigerated Display Cases CTA