Though we sometimes refer to all foodservice display case options as refrigerated display cases, there’s a true and defined difference between a display case and a refrigerated showcase. To begin, though, it’s important to understand what they have in common.

Foodservice display cases and showcases are both optimized for a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s a pastry display, gelato or ice cream store, or even a grab-n-go display case configuration in hotel shop, a display case and a showcase will both adequately perform these functions. But the similarities pretty much end there.

Just by the literal definitions, to display something is essentially to exhibit it in a place where it is easily seen. To showcase something is to highlight it in a way that separates it from where it is. While displays are synonymous with groceries and convenience stores, showcases are used in places like jewelry stores and art museums.


When you extrapolate these definitions into the world of foodservice, it’s easy to see how a showcase will provide different benefits than a display case:

A SHOWCASE CAN INCREASE SALES. By highlighting food products as if they are art, an elegant showcase can generate interest and lead to a store’s inbound traffic. Once that traffic is in the store, a foodservice showcase can increase point-of-sale purchases.

A SHOWCASE CREATES AMBIENCE. For shops and foodservice operators looking to create an experience, a showcase will be the focal point of the room. High-end design leads to high-end customers.

A SHOWCASE FRAMES YOUR BRAND. At the end of the day, what you put in your display case say says a lot about who you are as a brand in the same way a painter is defined by the style and subjects he or she paints. But like fine art, to not properly frame your menu items does a disservice to what you’re offering your visitors. You’d never see a Rembrandt framed with something purchased at your local box store.


ORION by Clabo’s Official Stance on Display Cases vs. Showcases

As you may or may not have seen in our literature, we often use the phrases “refrigerated display case” and “refrigerated showcase” interchangeably, and in some ways, they are. But the fact is, ORION by Clabo is dedicated to foodservice operators, designers, and architects because we feel the industry deserves something better.

As an Italian company that is dedicated to style and elegance, we produce showcases. Though we might sometimes refer to them as display cases in order to speak the language to which the industry has grown accustom, make no mistake, we aim to transform foodservice with sophisticated, European-inspired designs.


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