Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a foodservice display or refrigerated display case. How you display your product can have a direct impact on increasing impulse purchases at the point of sale. That’s why LED lighting in a foodservice display case can be so useful.

Let’s take a look at the important factors of foodservice lighting, as well as the advantages of using LED lighting in your foodservice display.


Because lighting has been such a focus for display case improvements, high-end foodservice display cases now use LED lighting to create better visibility for customers. While more traditional fluorescent lighting tends to spread light across the case, LED lighting offers direct light beams that can focus on the product. This is critical to the success of the overall display.


After food products receive light, the next most important factor is making sure they receive the right kind of light. Light should accentuate the food, not detract from it. The color of the light provided can have a drastic impact on merchandising capabilities. From the most common white, to warm and cool tones, select LED light colors that will advance your sales goals.


An important consideration in any foodservice display case, particularly if it’s a refrigerated display case, is the impact lights can have on temperature. LED lighting gives off little heat when compared to fluorescent light. At the same time, LED lights reduce energy usage. By selecting a refrigerated display case with LED lighting, you can save energy and save the integrity of your product.

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