With higher energy costs and stricter government regulations, it’s more important than ever for foodservice operations to consider energy-saving strategies. From demand control ventilation to more efficient refrigeration compressors, there is a wide range of options from which operators can take advantage. One of those pieces of energy-saving foodservice equipment is the refrigerated display case.

For operations that rely on merchandising or grab-n-go capabilities to increase profits, a refrigerated display case can be the one unit that makes or breaks the entire business. But just as it directly leads to product exposure and profits, it can also help food service operations save money. Saving energy with a refrigerated display case can result from a range of features:


A refrigerated display case with LED lighting eliminates the need for florescent lights that consume more power. In addition, florescent lights emit more heat, which can hurt the quality of the products being displayed, especially if they’re delicate and sensitive to heat. The heat generated by florescent lights make the compressor work harder to maintain the desired temperature, thus consuming more energy.


Double paned glass on a refrigerated display case means less energy will be used and product will be stored at more consistent temperatures. The glass can also affect humidity levels, and with double paned glass, condensation will be minimized. Display cases from ORION by Clabo come with double paned, premium Italian glass that makes for a better insulator than other, single pane options.


Besides the lighting and glass, when searching for a refrigerated display case with energy saving features, foodservice operators should consider connecting cases to floor drains for removing condensation. The other option is a 400-watt heated evaporated pan that constantly consumes energy. With refrigerated display cases from ORION by Clabo, all models utilize a drainpipe for maximum efficiency.

This focus on environmental sustainability and energy efficient refrigerated display cases is a priority for ORION by Clabo, as we work with our partners to meet efficiency standards. As the Environmental Protection Agency implements new regulations like the Significant New Alternative Policy program, ORION by Clabo will continue to consider energy efficient improvements like propane-based models.

Looking for energy savings in your refrigerated display case? Check out our full range of Energy Star-rated models in our comprehensive Design Guide.


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