Refrigerated Display Cases Are Important to Healthcare Foodservice Operations

As we consistently see in the media, healthcare is a major issue in the United States. Amidst all the political debates, healthcare providers must continue to find ways to deliver high quality care, often with reduced funding. But in light of a recent survey of 184 hospitals by Foodservice Director, it’s obvious there are new and innovative ways for healthcare facilities to realize a healthier bottom line.

Before we get to that, though, it’s important to understand what drives many hospitals and healthcare facilities. Patient satisfaction ratings are key indicators of a healthy bottom line, and of all the contributors to patient satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), a property’s food and beverage program is one of the most impactful. If a hospital wants good reviews, it had better offer quality food and beverage options.

According to the survey, a facility’s food and beverage program is also a great source of income, and that trend is only expected to grow. Consider the following statistics:

– 85% of all hospitals surveyed reported serving more patient meals now than in the past

– Though 60% expect to see a growth in lunch business, breakfast will be a better indicator of growth

– Menus are changing with 13% of small budget facilities offering locally sourced ingredients

– 86% serve meals to both patients and retail meals

– Of those retail meals, 81% are from catering service, 9% are from full service restaurants, and 33% have kiosks or service counters

Refrigerated Display Cases for Hospitals

As hospitals and healthcare facilities look for new ways to offer food and beverage while increasing profits, the kiosks and service counters mentioned above will be a critical component. Refrigerated displays or grab-n-go options are a great way to attract a whole range of customers, from outpatients to hospital visitors to the staff.

Displaying these items in a visually appealing way that also lends to speed-of-service and accessibility will lead to greater participation in a hospitals food and beverage program. That being said, selecting the right refrigerated display case for a healthcare foodservice operation is critical.

Discover some options by reviewing the ORION by Clabo Designer Guide, and see a range of refrigerated displays that will impact your hospital foodservice business.

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