Increase Impulse Purchases Foodservice

For certain types of foodservice operations like gelato shops, patisseries, and delis, the point of purchase is the most important real estate in the entire store. The success of the operation can literally be determined where customers pay their bills because that space can be used for increasing impulse purchases.

It makes sense, then, for foodservice operators to develop this space with maximum sales in mind. Though restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate shops might spend thousands of dollars advertising outside of the store, the profitable investments are often spent creating the point of sale inside the store.

Here are three things to consider:


If your operation is using a foodservice display or merchandiser, consider some of the best practices for displaying your products. Use glass shelves that are tiered and angled to allow for easy flow of light and maximum visibility of your food. Display cases with clean and elegant lines will inevitably place the focus on the food, which is where operators want it.


People like to buy stories. By simply providing an ingredient list, an origin for the product, or a brief description on how it is made, interest in that product – and ultimately sales – will rise. Invite your customers to try your products using words.


At the end of the day, foodservice operators should always consider their customers. By putting yourself in your customer’s position, you’ll know what it’s like to stand on the other side of the case. See things the way your customers see them. Are your most profitable items clearly visible? Where are your most popular items displayed? What are you looking at when you pay?


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