refrigerated display cases

When consumers enter a foodservice establishment, their buying decisions are based primarily on two things: their eyes (which stimulates the stomach) and their wallets. While the operator cannot control how much money a consumer has, they can control how consumers view their food products.

Selecting the right refrigerated display case is an essential part of any point-of-sale foodservice business. It can mean the difference between selling and not selling, and there are many considerations to take in account. Let’s take a look at the four essential ones in logical order:


To begin, you need to think about the logistics of the space and how that will affect customer flow and interaction. Look for a case that will fit comfortably in your storefront, allowing for ease of movement in, out, and around the store.


When you select a case, consider your menu and the times of day you’ll be serving from the case. Some cases provide versatility ranging from cool storage to warm storage. This allows the foodservice establishment to change up menu offerings from day to day. Even further, some cases provide the ability to change temperatures through the course of day allowing operators to serve one type of item for breakfast and a completely different offering for dinner.


There’s a reason we like the motto, Showcase Your Good Taste. How you display your culinary creations is almost as important as how you make them. Your craft is import, and just like a fine piece of art, it should be framed in a way that accentuates its qualities and encourages consumers to buy. In a point-of-sale business, it’s essential to maximize the effectiveness of your point of sale.


The interior design of your store and how your display case influences your desired ambience is the final consideration. Consider your display carefully. Curved glass or a jewelry case? In a wide case or with a smaller footprint? Tall or short? Modern or rustic? Curved or linear? All of these questions should be answered before you select a case.

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Now that you’ve answered a few of the essential questions, take a look at some of the most elegant, stylish, and profit-enhancing refrigerated display cases in the industry. Download the ORION by Clabo Designer Book, and take a look at a few options available to you.