The Difference Between Forced Air and Gravity Coil Refrigerated Display Cases

For most applications, the refrigeration is just as important as the display. How foods are cooled and kept in their ideal storage conditions will determine how those food products are received by guests and customers. Let’s take a look at the two most common ways.


Like the name implies, gravity is an important part of the equation. Basically, in this type of refrigerated display case, a refrigeration coil at the top of the case creates cold air that falls onto the food product below. They can be good in situations where airflow is unwanted, but condensation from inefficient coils can drop water onto food products, and because the coils exist at the top of the case, this can often interrupt sight lines to the products.



On the other hand, a forced air system will circulate cold air using a fan or series of fans to keep foods cold. Air is a good insulator, meaning it can keep cool air in and hot air out when it’s used in the right locations. This makes forced air display cases ideal in bakery and deli applications.

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