Changing the Rules of Customer Relations with JOBS

We’re used to things being certain ways. We’re human. We’re creatures of habit, after all. But just because things have always been that way, it doesn’t mean things can’t be this way in the future.

Let’s be specific.

Over time, customers grew accustomed to the social norms of foodservice counter interactions. Think of the classic deli or butcher. You grab a ticket. You wait in line until your number is called. And then you interact with the operator, both of you separated by a barrier.

Now think of it from the deli’s perspective. You’re always apart from your customers. It’s hard to even shake hands, let alone have a typical interaction that just about every other industry enjoys. Why is it different in foodservice? Why do we separate ourselves from our customers? The truth is, things are changing.

The Foodservice Display Case that Is Changing the Rules of Customer Relations

Imagine if you could sell macarons or chocolates like they sell in furniture or cars or eyeglasses. What if you could stand with your customers while you talk about your cuisine, not stand across from them? What if you could join them in their buying experiences, not separate yourself from those decisions?

With the JOBS foodservice display case from Orion by Clabo, foodservice customer relations are changing. Because the case is designed to sit in the center of the room without a traditional “front” or “back,” the physical barriers of customer relations are removed. Both operator and customer alike are free to walk around the JOBS foodservice display case, enhance both the operator/customer relationship and the visibility of the product.

In addition, JOBS comes with remote LED lighting capabilities that can change colors in order to match the interior design of the operation. Made with classic Italian style, the JOBS foodservice display case is changing the habits we have as humans.

Discover JOBS today in this visually stunning guide.