A refrigerated display case or foodservice showcase is a great way to present food items to customers. If done properly, a high-end refrigerated display case can help increase customer traffic, encourage point-of-sale and impulse purchases, and ultimately drive up revenues for foodservice operators.

In order to understand which case is right for any given foodservice establishment, it’s important to understand the anatomy of a refrigerated display case. Here are the basics:


STYLE – The Skin

From curved and elegant to sleek and modern, finding the right refrigerated display case style is one of the most important decisions a foodservice operator will make. The case needs to fit within the overall ambiance of the room, but it’s even more important to find a case that will maximize exposure of food products. Consider glass angles.



Find a display case with lighting options that are optimal for your food products. Use certain light angles or styles for certain products. For example, light coming from underneath or from the side will have a different affect than light coming from the top. Consider types of light.


SHELVING – The Skeleton

The shelves, if you opt for them, can be some of the most important aspects of your display case. They hold everything together and can provide ideal visibility for your products. Foodservice display case shelving can provide flexibility in your operation to make the most of your menu. Consider glass shelves because they eliminate distractions and create visual effects where the product appears to float, focusing the attention on the products themselves.


COOLING – The Circulatory System

Cooling your foods contributes to their quality, but most important, their safety. There are a few different ways to keep foods at safe and ideal serving temperatures. Forced air circulates cold air throughout the refrigerated display. Gravity coil refrigerated display cases utilize a top refrigeration coil that releases cold air down over the food. Consider what you will serve.


Learn more about the anatomy of refrigerated display cases, and find the case that is right for your foodservice operation.

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